Why Am I The Only One Not In A Relationship?

Why Am I The Only One Not In A Relationship?

It’s beautiful being with someone who understands you, who listens to you, who does argue sometimes but who also really loves you a lot. But finding that person can be a huge task for some while some may find them instantly. Well, what person are you among those?

You must have already been surrounded by couples whether they are your friends, cousins, or others, but do you have someone or are you still looking for that perfect person? It’s not that big a deal if you are not in a relationship as many aren’t but the huge deal is when you continuously stress about why you are not in a relationship. 

If you ever feel why are you single then the best answer can only be provided by you. You must ask yourself if it’s actually you or the other person. The possible answers however can be that you love your freedom, you are unable to share your moments or yourself, you don’t know how to communicate with that person or possibly you didn’t find the “right one”. 

Why Am I The Only One Not In A Relationship?

When you are surrounded by couples all over, you think how it would be if you too had someone and then you see next to yourself and the empty space breaks your heart. But did you ever wonder if it is the other person who couldn’t stay with you or It’s me, Hi! I’m the problem it’s me? Ask yourself.

Do You Like Being Alone Or You Love Company?

How much time do you spend with your friends and how do you feel during that moment can be your answer. If you like spending your day with someone or the other then you probably crave attention and time but if you get uncomfortable being with someone and always stare at your watch when you are with them then you probably don’t like company. If you feel relieved when you are alone that means you really don’t want someone around you and so, you are unable to hold on to them. 

Do You Have Particular Interests?

Let’s be honest, everyone already has a dream partner and whenever you are searching for a man or a woman for yourself then you probably look for all those traits in them and instantly reject them if they aren’t such. If you are looking for a partner then it isn’t necessary that they are the exact replica of your dream partner, even you might not be the dream partner of someone. You must accept people as who they are. 

Is It Your Personality?

Everyone is unique and everyone has their own perfections and imperfections. Some people are great at conversations and make easy friends and some get nervous that doesn’t let them speak their heart out and they are unsuccessful in making friends. If you too are shy or get nervous during communication then remember one thing, Confidence is the key and that’s what would make you stand out. 

Psychological Effects Of Being Single Too Long

>You Become Empathetic 

When you are in a relationship, you learn to share. Not just your stuff, but also your time, your emotions, your life. Living with a partner and being with them in their worst situations make you sympathetic towards them and all others too. But a single person never understands those emotions and ends up being empathetic. 

>You Miss Several Beautiful Moments

The physical relationship is important but it can be overrated sometimes. The cute flirting, those special forehead kisses, the moments you talk about useless things but your partner still listens, cooking and working together and there is so much more. You miss out all that fun of spending your best moments and having someone to cheer for you every time you do well or even when you don’t. 

>You Don’t Know How To Share Your Space

When you live with a partner, you have to sacrifice a lot of your personal space but you also gain the love you lacked before. Living with a boyfriend or a girlfriend will make you open and you will learn how to share. You will learn how to talk, behave and act with others and you won’t get uncomfortable. Lacking a partner can make you irritated when you ever need to share your stuff with someone. 

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Why Am I The Only One Without A Girlfriend?

Let me assure you something first, you are definitely not the only one without a girlfriend, there are numerous out there. But what matters is if it’s bothering you. If you feel sad when you see your friends going out with their girlfriends and you are alone then probably you crave for the right partner but you are unable to find her. Don’t worry, all important things take time. 

> When you see a woman you are interested in, don’t just jump on making her your girlfriend. Try making her your friend first and no, it isn’t necessary that you will end up in the friendzone. There are several relationships even you must have seen or heard of that started with friendship and are going pretty well. 

> Talk to them. Ask them about their day and listen to their stories. Women really need someone who would listen to them without any complaints or demands. Don’t just talk continuously all day, just a few moments of conversation are enough but make sure they realise that you are actually interested in listening to them. 

>Be confident around them. You can act cute all you want and it may affect some but mostly girls love confident men. Be aware of your words, your actions and how you present yourself and you won’t really need to work hard to impress them. Flirt with them in a healthy way. Tell them that they are pretty but don’t make it creepy or cringe by saying your eyes are like the ocean and I wanna drown in them. It’s gross. 

Psychological Effects Of Never Having A Girlfriend

It is not compulsory to be in a relationship but our human nature does make it necessary to have someone for you. You can joke as much as you want about life without a girlfriend but in the end, you really need someone who would care for you and a woman would do her best at that time. But are you aware of all those psychological effects that surround you if you don’t have a girlfriend?

>You Lack A Listener

Whether it is a man or a woman, everyone needs someone they can comfortably talk to and tell them about all the crazy stuff in their life. If you have a girlfriend, you will be comfortable talking to them about stuff that you don’t even tell your friends. If they are a good listener, you can be sure that they won’t judge you and may even provide the solutions to your issues. However, when you are single, you lack that support. 

>It’s Difficult For You To Communicate With A Girl

Living with a girlfriend would tell you so much about woman nature and you would actually learn how to talk to a girl. You see their tantrums, you learn their moods and then you know how to handle them. This also makes you a specialist in communicating with women. But when you are single, you never learn the feelings of a woman and it gets difficult for you to interact with them. 

>You Might Not Know How To Treat Other Women

I won’t say that men who don’t have a girlfriend don’t know how to respect women, it’s all in one’s home environment and the teachings they have received that make them respect the other gender. However, you learn how to respect women who are not your blood relation. But if you don’t have a partner, how would you learn how to behave with women who are not your family members? 

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Why Am I The Only One Without A Boyfriend?

You are not the only one but there are surely several reasons that are preventing you from having a boyfriend. 

>You Get Scared Of Getting Hurt. When you see other people around you break-up, you get sensitive and wonder if all relationships end this way. It is common for a relationship to end if both the partners are unable to hold it but that reason should never stop you from falling in love. Sometimes, you learn more from a breakup than a relationship.

>You Are Not Patient. A man would do everything for their loved ones and so does a woman but it’s not just the duty of a man to be patient with their partner, the girlfriend should take the similar steps to listen and understand what they mean. 

>Not Every Imperfection Is A Red Flag. If a man doesn’t talk much, or talks too much and has so many friends of the opposite gender then that doesn’t mean he’s a playboy, some are good at communication and make people around them interested in them. Don’t judge every man you see. 

Psychological Effects Of Never Having A Boyfriend

You miss out a lot when you don’t have a partner and that plays with your psychology as well. You need a boyfriend as a support system who would be there for you always and being near to whom, you would feel safe. 

>You Miss Being Pampered

No matter what women say or how strong they show themselves but at the end of the day, they need someone to pamper them and accept all their tantrums. A man might never do that for every other woman but would definitely do that for his girlfriend. Lacking a boyfriend will never make you feel loved. 

>You Never Understand Men

We have overrated the concept of understanding women when men too need the same attention. If you don’t have a boyfriend you never learn what a man goes through, what they feel in specific situations and how you should talk to them. You would never learn to respect a man until you live with one and understand them. 

>You Lack That Safe Feeling

A woman does feel the safest with their father and then their brother but they also need that secure feeling that their partner provides them. It’s comforting to know that a man is there for you who will accept you no matter what and will protect you and that feeling is unexplored if you don’t have a boyfriend. 

Wrap Up

All you need to understand is that not being in a relationship isn’t a problem, it’s only a choice. However, if you are worried about why you are the only one not in a relationship then don’t worry, there are many and remember, your soulmate will find you no matter what and you won’t be required to change yourself for anyone. 

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