How To Break Up A Relationship Without Hurting?

How To Break Up A Relationship Without Hurting?

Are you tired of your romantic partner and planning to break up with them? But, it looks like you do not want to hurt them, but don’t worry, I am going to help you with this situation with some tips that you can use to make your partner fed up with you too so that you don’t even have to make the first move towards your breakup. 

In modern times, relationships rarely work out. We find a companion for ourselves, but due to the superficial characteristics and personality, we are unable to understand how the person is in reality. Thus, we spend months or sometimes even years with a person who is putting up an act. And when we finally realize their true colors or nature, it is too late to end things and we don’t want to make them sad by suddenly proposing a breakup. 

If you are also dealing with the same or any other situation where you have no choice but to break up with your partner, we know what to do. 

This article is a must-read for all those people who want to know how to end a relationship without hurting the other person. 

How To Break Up A Relationship Without Hurting?

When you have spent months or years with a person, it is quite difficult to suddenly ask for a breakup. Even if you are ready for this, your partner might not be, and this will make them get hurt to a great level. Of course, you have some sort of sympathy for them and you wouldn’t want them to cry over you and your past. 

Still, there are ways that can get you rid of your partner and he/she will also not feel that sad after parting ways with you. But, the process is not to be done within a day, it will take time and you will see things working for you gradually. 

See, the mentality of men and women is different from each other, so, if your partner is a male, you will have to go for an entirely different approach in comparison to if your partner is a female. Don’t worry, we have covered both genders, just have a look. 

How To Break Up With A Girlfriend Without Hurting Her?

Girls/women are emotional and sensitive, little things can hurt them to a great extent, so, you need to be really careful with your girlfriend if she is really in love with you but you want to break up with her. 

1. Give Her Less Time

What girls want the most are your time and affection, time is the most important. If you are not giving her enough time, she will gradually grow distant from you. She will probably start looking for someone else who is prioritizing her more than you do. 

There are huge chances that she will soon fall for someone else and will initiate the breakup on her own, that’s it, you will have to do nothing more than that. 

2. Reduce Affectionate Moments

As said, affection is the other most important thing that a girl demands from you, stop showing your love and care for her. 

Of course, you cannot suddenly become heartless, you will have to take this process forward at a slow pace.  Reduce the number of dates you two plan in the whole month, and do not create any cute moments with her like holding hands and clicking selfies together. 

When she doesn’t get any signs of affection from you, she will start thinking that this relationship is not working out for you two and it is time to break up. Then, even if you put forth the idea of breaking up after some time, she is not going to be shocked or hurt over it, because somewhere in her mind she also wants to get rid of you now. So, this is how to break up without hurting her. 

How To Break Up With a Boyfriend Without Hurting Him?

If you no longer see your future with your current boyfriend, then it is time that you two get your ways separated. Here are some things that you, as a fed-up girlfriend can do to make your boyfriend stop liking you.  

1. Start Quarrels

Men do not like quarreling, so if you keep nagging at him all the time and make a quarrel out of even the most negligible issues, he is soon going to get tired of you and plan for a breakup, simple as that. This way, you will easily be able to take out your every day’s frustration on him, and he will also start hating you, which means killing two birds with a stone. 

2. Irritate Him More

Over-concern is something that irritates men a lot. Yes, men like to be taken care of, but if you keep calling him in every few minutes throughout the day asking him where he is or what he ate, he is going to get irritated and will soon ask you to leave. 

3. Start Discussing Future Plans

If your boyfriend has not yet planned a future with you, it means that he is not yet prepared for it, so, if you start discussing with him marriage and all, he might start distancing himself from you because he doesn’t want to take up such a huge responsibility this early, and seeing you too serious about the relationship will probably make him nervous and he will find breaking up a better option. 

How To Survive A Relationship Breakup?

Don’t worry, you won’t die of heartbreak unless you are a heart patient. 

Final Words

We are still working on this, and will soon add a few more methods for you to implement so that you can easily break up with your partner, for instance, how to break up a relationship without hurting them over text. If you have any ways in mind, let us know in the comments. Also, check out our other articles, Origin Of Health Psychology | Research In Health Psychology, On Mirror Stage By Lacan – Jacques Lacan Mirror Stage Summary, and Sigmund Freud On Neurosis Summary

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