How To Tell Your GF You Want To Break Up Without Hurting Her?

How To Tell Your GF You Want To Break Up Without Hurting Her?

Are you done with putting one-sided efforts into your relationship? Then this is the time that you part ways with your beloved girlfriend. 

But, if you had a deep connection with her or if she is too emotional and sensitive, then breaking up with your GF can be quite difficult. But, you have to do it anyway, so, let me help you with it. 

How To Tell Your GF You Want To Break Up With Her?

If you really want to get away from your girlfriend, but are confused about how to do it so bluntly, then it is better to take this step with a process. 

Yes, by process I mean that you should first start giving her signs that you two are not compatible. And how you can do that? 

Well, if there are any little things that you keep to yourself just because she might not be so happy with them, then you should first start putting them out in front of her. 

If there are any of your habits that your girlfriend finds irritating, then repeat them as much as possible whenever she is around. 

If you find anything bad about your girlfriend, just tell her right away without any hesitation, so that she understands that you do not think of her to be a perfect woman. 

And trust me, all these things, when you do, are going to frustrate your girlfriend to such a level that she will herself start thinking that it is better to break up with you, and if you are lucky enough, she will be the one to initiate the breakup. 

How To Break Up With Your Girlfriend Over Text?

As per my experience and perspective, it is not really a good idea to break up with your partner over a text, especially when you have been in a relationship for a long time. 

This is because there is so much to talk about, to discuss, things to clarify, and so on. And all of this is not possible over just a text and things can also be misunderstood. 

So, the best thing would be to meet her in person, and if not possible, at least call her and then talk about the breakup. 

But, if you are so done with your relationship that you really don’t want to hear her voice, or if you haven’t been together for a long period, then, it is fine to break up over a text. 

Now the question is, what to type in the text? If you don’t care much about her feelings or emotions, then just bluntly say that you don’t wish to be with her anymore. But, at the same time, it is necessary for you to provide valid and true reasons for the breakup. 

If you don’t clarify things, she might try to get back with you, but if you make her realize that you two are not meant to be together, then she will not bother about contacting you. 

If she is understanding enough, she will accept your decision as well as the reasons, and your job is done here. 

I Want To Break Up With My Girlfriend But I Love Her

If you love her, then there must surely be a strong reason why you want to break up with your girlfriend. 

If there are some reasons from the family side of yours, then that should not be a hindrance, because if you believe that you truly love her, then you will find a way to be with her. 

If you believe that you do not deserve such a good girl, then trust me, boy, you are already deserving enough for her to even have such a thought. Only a man, who truly deserves a woman, believes that he might be lacking something. 

And if you still can’t admit this, then why not work on yourself to be good enough that one day you can say that you definitely deserve her? So, there is no need to break up with her if this has been the reason. 

The last, and the most common reason in this case can be that, your girlfriend is really not up to the mark or good enough for you, or she must be troubling you all the time, but, because you have already developed deep feelings for her because of your past memories and experiences with her, you are unable to leave. 

If this is the situation, then understand one thing, a relationship cannot last long with the efforts of a single person. If the other person is not valuing you enough, then it is clear that sooner or later, you two are going to break up, and even if you stay together, none of you will be able to stay happy, so it is better to take this tough step as soon as possible for your good. 

How To Break Up With A Girl And Make Her Want You More?

If you want to hear an honest answer, then, being a woman myself, I would strongly advise you not to do such a thing. 

Breaking up with your girlfriend so that she wants you more? This is really not at all a good idea. I have been through such a situation since my boyfriend broke up with me. He just shattered my heart completely. 

But, after a few months, when I had finally moved on leaving all the memories behind, he returned with a marriage proposal, which I of course refused. 

I just want to tell you that you cannot get love from a person by hurting them. Yes, she might get more worried about losing you and might even start treating you much better than before, but, gaining someone’s love through the fear of losing is a very bad idea. 

Let her want you more because of your lovable words and actions rather than breaking up with her. Rest is your own choice and decision. 

Final Words

I hope that I have provided you with a suitable way in which you can easily break up with your GF as per the situation of your relationship. For any other romantic or family relationship advice, you can feel free to reach out to me. Till then, you can also check out Why Am I The Only One Not In A Relationship?

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