How To Tell If My Boyfriend Is Losing Feelings? 4 Major Signs!

How To Tell If My Boyfriend Is Losing Feelings? 4 Major Signs!

Do you also feel like your boyfriend is gradually losing his interest in you? This is quite a devastating feeling as I have also gone through such situations that’s why I can personally connect with this painful experience you might have been going through. 

Being in a relationship with my boyfriend for over three years, I have encountered several times when I felt that he is finally tired of me and wants to get rid of me. But, every time, he proved me wrong. 

However, throughout my insecurities, I discussed several things with my friends and cousins who have also been through heartbreaks and got to know all the possible indications that had led to their breakups because their boyfriends were no longer interested in them. 

And, here, I am going to share all of it with you so that it becomes easy for you to comprehend your boyfriend’s intentions toward you. 

How To Tell If My Boyfriend Is Losing Feelings?

There can be a lot of signs that can tell you whether your boyfriend is interested in you anymore or not. But, there are surely some specific things that are going to make it completely sure for you to know that he is out of your hands and you are out of his heart.

4 Things A Man Does When He Starts To Lose Interest

Is He Distancing Himself From You?

The first thing that a man will do when he starts losing interest in you is he will start distancing himself from you. 

Does your boyfriend meet you regularly? Do you go out on dates, parties, movies, or anything? Well, if you are in a long-distance relationship, this might become difficult for you but, even if you are not physically near, there are still a lot of things your boyfriend can do to make you feel loved. 

You can easily realize that he is even distancing you through calls and texts. He will stop responding to your texts as regularly as he used to. He will have comparatively shorter conversations with you during the phone call. He will also stop sharing every minute detail of his life with you.

If these things are happening between you two, then this is a strong sign for you to realize that he might be losing or has already lost interest in you.

Is He Not As Romantic Anymore?

Have you started recalling those old days of your relationship when you just began dating and the way your man showered so much love upon you? Well, if such a situation has arrived that you have nothing good between you two in the present that you have to reminisce the memories, then it means that your boyfriend is not as romantic as he used to be. 

If the romance has died, it indicates that the love between you two has also probably started fading away. 

But, at the same time, make sure that you know he is not too busy with his personal or professional life. Sometimes, it’s not that your man has lost interest in you, it’s just that he has a lot on his plate due to which he is unable to give you enough time and attention, and you might misinterpret it. 

First, make sure that your man has enough time to make romantic plans with you only after which you should assume whether he has lost interest in you or not. 

Does He Still Share His Personal Life With You?

As long as a man loves his woman, he will feel safe and secure while sharing every minute detail of his life with her. But, when he realizes that she is not the one who he wants to spend his whole life with, he will eventually stop sharing his life with you. 

And if you, at present, don’t know everything about what is going on with his life, then it is because he probably doesn’t want you to know, which means that he doesn’t want you anymore. 

What Does Your Instinct Say?

The fourth and most important sign that your boyfriend is losing interest in you is your intuition. You should always trust your instinct, and even if everything else is going fine, but you still feel somewhere inside that he is not the same as he used to be, then you should trust what your heart is trying to tell you.

Most men are good at pretending, so, don’t just blindly believe in his words or actions, try to understand his feelings for you, his trust in you, and your trust in him as well.

And, if your heart says that he has lost interest or feelings for you, then you should believe it and just confront it.

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Losing Interest Through Text

If you are only conversating with your boyfriend through text and want to find out if he is still interested in you or not, it can be a little complicated, but, if you look and understand closely, you will get your answers. 

First, you should see if your man is still having as much chat with you as he used to before. If yes, then things must be fine, and if not, then he might be losing interest in you.

Next, you can see what kind of things he talks about with you. Do his texts sound romantic to you? Does he tell you regularly how much he misses you and how badly he wants to be with you?

As soon as you get the answers to these questions, you will automatically find out if he is interested in you anymore or not. 

Final Words

I hope that you have found what you had been looking for, and with the help of my suggestions and advice, you might get to know if it is the right time to end your relationship or not. I hope that your doubts just get proven wrong, but if things are going the wrong way, then you have to take a huge step, just confront your man directly and ask him what he wants, and this will make things much easier for both of you. 

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