The Historical Overview Of Drama Upto Restoration Period

The Historical Overview Of Drama Upto Restoration Period

This topic will cover the ages of the Elizabethan era and the Jacobean era. Special reference to the Elizabethan prose and drama shall be given. 

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The Historical Overview Of Drama Upto Restoration Period

Literary Decline After Chaucer’s Death

Political Reasons

–          Chaucer’s death marked a decline in literature.

–          Political turmoil, including the War of Roses, drained the country’s energy and resources.

–          Noble families, who often supported art and literature, suffered greatly.

Henry VII’s Ascension (1485)

Establishing Stability

–          Henry VII’s reign brought stability and recovery.

–          He strengthened the monarchy and restored order.

–          Reduced the powers of barons and supported the emerging wealthy class.

–          England regained its influence among European nations.

–          The Renaissance’s influence started with Caxton’s press in London (1476).

Henry VIII’s Reign (1509-1547)

Modern Statecraft

–          Henry VIII initiated significant changes.

–          Encouraged trade, manufacturing, and increased national wealth.

–          Eased feudalism’s decline by promoting men of low birth.

–          Favoured individual ambition, drawing talent and learning to his court.

–          England contributed to the new civilization and learning of the Renaissance.

–          Education became more widespread.

–          Oxford’s Cardinal’s College and Christ Church College were founded.

Reformation Influence

–          Henry VIII’s reign expedited the Reformation.

–          Separation from Rome (1534) sparked theological reforms.

–          Hugh Latimer became a prominent Reformation advocate.

–          Writing of pamphlets, both serious and satirical, flourished.

–          William Tyndale and Miles Coverdale’s Bible translations marked a significant development in English prose.

Literary Flourishing Under Henry VIII

Court Patronage

–          Henry’s court became a major patron of learning, art, and literature.

–          Peaceful and calm times fostered a surge in literary activity.

Reigns Of Edward VI (1547-1553) And Mary (1553-1558)

Religious Conflicts

–          Edward VI’s reign continued the flourishing of literature.

–          Mary’s reign was marred by religious conflicts.

–          Roman Catholicism was restored in England.

–          Creative activity slowed during Mary’s rule but rebounded under Queen Elizabeth (1558-1603).

The English Renaissance Overview 

Socio-Political and Religious Conditions

–          The introduction to the golden period known as the Age of Elizabeth.

–          The English Renaissance encompassed three periods:

1.       The Beginning of Renaissance (1516-1558)

2.       The Flowering of Renaissance (1558-1603) (The Age of Elizabeth)

3.       The Decline of Renaissance (1603-1625) (The Jacobean Age)

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