eileen book summary

Eileen Book Summary

Eileen Book Plot

“Eileen” is a novel written by Ottessa Moshfegh and published in 2015. The novel is a psychological thriller set in the early 1960s and is narrated by the titular character, Eileen Dunlop, who is looking back on a pivotal week in her life.

Eileen is a young woman in her early 20s who lives with her alcoholic father in a dreary New England town. She works as a secretary at a juvenile detention center and spends most of her time fantasizing about escaping her life and starting anew. Her life takes a sudden turn when Rebecca, a beautiful and charismatic new counselor, arrives at the detention center. Eileen becomes infatuated with Rebecca and quickly becomes entangled in her web of secrets and lies.

As the novel progresses, the reader learns more about Eileen’s troubled past and the events that led her to her current situation. The narrative builds towards a tense and thrilling climax as Eileen finds herself caught up in a dangerous situation that threatens to destroy everything she holds dear.

It is a dark and atmospheric novel that explores themes of identity, desire, and the struggle for self-acceptance. It is a gripping psychological thriller that is sure to leave readers on the edge of their seats.

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What Happens At The End Of Eileen? Eileen Book Ending Explained

At the end of “Eileen,” the story reaches a climactic conclusion. Eileen helps Rebecca to escape from the town after she has committed a gruesome crime. Eileen drives Rebecca to the train station, where they part ways. Eileen then reaches her home, where she finds out that the police have been waiting for her return.

It is revealed that Rebecca had convinced Eileen to participate in the crime, and Eileen is arrested for her involvement. Eileen confesses to her role in the crime, and the novel ends with her being taken away in a police car, unsure of what her future holds.

The novel leaves the reader with a sense of ambiguity about Eileen’s fate, but it is clear that her life will never be the same again. The novel explores themes of guilt, regret, and the consequences of our actions, leaving the reader with much to ponder long after the final pages have been turned.

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Does Eileen Kill Mrs. Polk?

In “Eileen” by Ottessa Moshfegh, Eileen does not directly kill Mrs. Polk, but she is involved in her death. Rebecca, Eileen’s accomplice, convinces Eileen to participate in a plan to rob and kill Mrs. Polk, a wealthy woman in their town who is a former employer of Eileen’s.

Eileen and Rebecca go to Mrs. Polk’s house, but things quickly go wrong. Mrs. Polk is not alone in the house, and Rebecca ends up killing the other person present. Mrs. Polk then discovers what has happened and begins to struggle with Rebecca. Eileen ultimately helps Rebecca to subdue Mrs. Polk, and they leave her tied up in the basement to die of dehydration.

While Eileen does not physically kill Mrs. Polk, she is complicit in the crime and plays a role in the events that lead to Mrs. Polk’s death. The novel explores Eileen’s complex feelings of guilt and responsibility for what has happened, as well as the psychological factors that led her to become involved in such a heinous act.

What Happens To Rebecca In Eileen?

 Rebecca is Eileen’s accomplice in the crime that takes place toward the end of the novel. After the crime is committed, Rebecca convinces Eileen to help her flee the town. Eileen drives Rebecca to the train station and watches as she leaves.

The novel does not reveal what happens to Rebecca after she leaves the town, but it is suggested that she is on the run from the authorities. Throughout the novel, Rebecca is portrayed as a charismatic and manipulative figure, and it is clear that she has a dark past that has led her to commit the crime in which she and Eileen are involved. However, the novel leaves much of Rebecca’s backstory and fate open to interpretation, allowing readers to draw their own conclusions about what becomes of her after she leaves the town.

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What I Mean…

If thrill and suspense are your favorite companion while reading then Eileen will keep you hooked till the very end. You will definitely enjoy reading it and when you do, why don’t give the movie a try? Do notify us if you require other novel summaries. 

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