a fatal grace summary

A Fatal Grace Summary

A Fatal Grace Synopsis

“A Fatal Grace” is a novel written by Louise Penny and is the second book in the Chief Inspector Gamache series. The book is set in the small, idyllic village of Three Pines, where the residents are shocked when a newcomer, CC de Poitiers, is electrocuted during a curling match on a frozen lake.

As Chief Inspector Gamache investigates the murder, he discovers that CC de Poitiers was not a popular figure in the village. She was an abrasive and selfish woman who was widely disliked by many of the villagers, including her own family.

As the investigation progresses, Gamache uncovers secrets and lies that many of the villagers have been hiding, including CC’s own family. He also learns that CC’s death may be connected to a past incident involving her daughter.

As Gamache delves deeper into the case, he must navigate the complex relationships and hidden agendas of the villagers to uncover the truth behind CC’s death. Along the way, he must also confront his own personal demons and come to terms with his past mistakes.

In the end, Gamache is able to solve the case and bring the killer to justice, but not before facing several dangerous confrontations and putting his own life in danger. The novel ends with Gamache reflecting on the lessons he has learned and the people he has come to know and care for in Three Pines.

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Summary Of A Fatal Grace

The killing of Cecilia “CC” de Poitiers at the Three Pines annual Christmas curling competition marks the beginning of the story. CC believes her to be a  New Age lifestyle coach and is a recent arrival to the community. She is establishing a product brand based on an ideology she called Li Bien and has authored a book titled Be Calm. Everyone despises CC for her conceit and neglect she gives her obese daughter, Crie, making her much opposite of the enlightened person she thinks she is.

It’s weird how CC passed away. She is electrocuted while witnessing the curling match while she stood on a lake that has frozen. The Sûreté de Quebec’s Inspector Armand Gamache is looking into the crime. Gamache has conflicting emotions about going back to Three Pines as he nearly lost his life while investigating an assassination there the previous year. To investigate CC’s murder, the inspector is accompanied by a group of detectives. Gamache is also looking into the death of a murdered beggar who was discovered outside a department store in Montreal.

Gamache employs his preferred method of gathering information: He strolls through the community and strikes up casual conversations with individuals rather than formally questioning them. He discovers that CC traveled to Three Pines in search of her mother, who had gone missing. She embarrassed her daughter’s singing voice in front of the entire hamlet on Christmas Eve, which angered many residents.

When Gamache learns that CC’s lost mother is the insane beggar from Montreal who was also murdered, his two cases combine into one. 

The investigating officer comes to the conclusion that CC killed her mother because exposing her questionable paternity would have hurt her reputation and her product launch. When CC’s daughter couldn’t take her mother’s incessant abuse, the girl killed CC.

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What Happens At The End Of A Fatal Grace?

The case appears to be coming together thanks to Clara’s insight into the discarded film when a huge fire breaks out at Saul’s chalet and the odd trio of Gamache, Beauvoir, and Agent Nichol attempts to rescue him. The Three Graces get ready to pay for their actions as Émilie eventually breaks the terrible news about CC’s mother to Gamache. Gamache then abruptly realizes that CC’s family is hiding one more terrible secret. At the very start of the new year, Reine-Marie makes her first trip to Three Pines.

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What I Mean…

A Fatal Grace is an amazing, mysterious story and we recommend you read it so that you enjoy every part and every plot of it. We have discussed the short summary of this amazing work and this does include spoilers for those who haven’t yet read it but if you have searched for the summary that means you are up for the spoilers. Do read the work for more fun. 

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